Stress out of moving everything with special service of the end of lease cleaning Adelaide

Keep home clean and dirt free

Moving out can be stressful at the best of time, making sure at the time while packing. Having the place cleaned will save time to give free time to enjoy with family and friends. End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide they could provide a fully trained and experienced house cleaner at competitive and affordable, the essential skills and time to complete the task to perfection. An expect clean-up provides with valuable service, besides saving a lot of time and energy, they help you to enjoy a clean and healthy environment. When handing over the property, need to ensure that the place looks perfectly fine, and everything is at its place.

Where service can be a great helping hand with professional, to get the property back to its flawless form. This even helps in getting the bond and move out cleaners without any deduction for property damage or repair. The expert’s cleaner use specialized products and they have thorough knowledge about the precise quantities to be used.

We include cleaning and sanitising of floors, Tiles and kitchen appliances such as washing machines, ovens, and fridges, cupboard and drawers, skirting board, walls doors and windows. With the existing workload, there is no need to take any extra pressure and worry about the end of the lease and its cleaning.

Exit Package Cleaning List
Carpet Cleaning
  • All Carpet steam or dry clean – Professional carpet steam cleaning receipt provided
Kitchen Cleaning
  • Stove top cleaning
  • Oven cleaning
  • Rangehood / Exhaust fan cleaning
  • Cupboards in & out cleaning
  • Benchtop wipe over
  • Floors vacuum & mopping
  • Cobwebs removals
  • Marks removal from electric switchboards
  • Wipe over skirting
  • Wipe over door & door frames
Bathroom Cleaning
  • Shower screen cleaning
  • Shower recess & tiles cleaning
  • Basin & cupboards cleaning
  • Floors vacuum & mopping
  • Cobwebs removals
  • Marks removal from electric switchboards
  • Wipe over skirting
  • Wipe over door & door frames
Bedrooms/Lounge room Cleaning
  • Cobwebs removals
  • Marks removal from electric switchboards
  • Wipe over skirting
  • Dusting venations/blinds
  • Wipe over door & door frames
Toilet Cleaning
  • Cobwebs removals
  • Marks removal from electric switchboards
  • Wipe over skirting
  • Toilet bowl cleaning & wipe over outside
  • Wipe over door & door frames
Windows Cleaning
  • All windows and window frames cleaning from inside the house
Optional Cleaning – This optional cleaning is designed to meet extra requirement from real estate and not included in our Exit package.
Walls Cleaning
  • Marks removals or washing all walls from inside of house
Furniture Cleaning
  • Dusting or wipe over tables, chairs and other furniture
  • Steam cleaning of upholstery and furniture
Outdoor Cleaning
  • Sweeping Garage
  • Cobwebs removals from outside of house
  • Sweeping Driveway
  • Windows cleaning from outside
  • Balcony Cleaning
Appliances Cleaning
  • Refrigerator cleaning
  • Dishwashing machine cleaning
  • Washing machine cleaning
Rubbish Removal
  • Removals of rubbish from inside & outside of property

Assures of high standards cleaning

The dedicated and skilled professionals are to save time and energy. We have a range of cleaning packages that come at affordable prices. The end of lease cleaning services provides experienced service with the necessary knowledge of exactly cleaning. It has been trained to go through the top to bottom cleaning service for the property. As it is the primary and essential benefit to keep the home in optimal hygiene conditions, necessary in the home.

Service undertake within the end of lease cleaning

Carpet cleaning:

Carpet is a significant interior design feature. Possibly to get quit stained if they are not dealt with on a habitual basis. Using of standard expert carpet cleaning ensure that the carpet is bacteria free again.

Bathroom cleaning:

The bathroom can easily be the centre of the bacterial universe in-house. Though to clean the bathroom on a daily bases, still need to have a deep cleaning. This has become ever imperative lease is ending and even need to vacate the space.

Window cleaning:

The time to clean the windows of the property is not easy to get it. Windows can pretty much stay closed for a long time and amass.

Kitchen cleaning:

The kitchen is an obligatory requirement for end of lease clean, as it is not simple to clean stove tops, ovens, grills and possible each item of the kitchen. Expert cleaning service makes use of specific techniques to get the work done with perfection.