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Common End of Lease Cleaning Mistakes Adelaide Renters Make

When your lease is up and it’s time to move out, a thorough end of lease clean is crucial for getting your full bond back. However, many renters in Adelaide often make simple yet costly mistakes when cleaning that result in losing part or all of their bond.

Common End of Lease Cleaning Mistakes Adelaide Renters Make

Avoid these common end of lease cleaning mistakes to ensure you receive your full bond refund:

  • Forgetting the Little Things

It’s easy to focus on the major cleaning tasks like carpets, walls, and bathrooms, but forgetting to clean ‘little’ areas can cost you. Don’t forget to clean inside cupboards, drawers, behind furniture and appliances, ceiling fans, light fixtures, window tracks, skirting boards, and air vents. Check around all doors and windows for dust build up and grime.

  • Leaving Personal Items Behind

It may seem obvious, but many renters forget minor belongings after cleaning and leave them behind. Do a thorough sweep of every room, cupboards, the yard, shed, and garage to ensure you don’t leave any of your possessions. This includes rubbish, furniture, clothes, and kids’ toys.

  • Forgetting External Areas

External cleaning is just as important as internal. Make sure to pressure wash dirty driveways, sweep garages, wipe down outdoor lighting, clean yard foliage and garden beds, remove oil stains from carports, and tidy any balcony or patio areas. Check the condition of screens and doors.

  • Not Cleaning Appliances Properly

Kitchen and laundry appliances need detailed cleaning. Refrigerators should be emptied, shelving wiped down, and coils vacuumed. Ovens, stovetops, and rangehoods need grease and grime removed. Washing machines have soap scum and lint build up to remove. Dryer filters and vents must be cleaned of lint.

  • Ignoring Carpets and Floor Scratches

Carpets are a common inspection failure item. Stains, rips, tears, and noticeable wear mean professional steam cleaning or replacement is required. Sweep and mop all floors, removing stuck on spills and grime build up. Address any flooring scratches by filling gouges and sanding.

  • DIY Cleaning Solutions

Landlords want thorough, quality cleaning by professionals in most cases. DIY cleaning solutions are often insufficient to pass inspection. Products that simply mask odours and stains rather than removing them completely will get picked up.

  • Leaving Cleaning Too Late

Trying to clean the entire property in a single day before returning keys is going to lead to exhaustion and subpar cleaning. Give yourself adequate time, ideally 3-5 days minimum depending on property size. Book professional cleaners well in advance.

  • Rushing Inspections

Never rush an inspection before the property manager has finished. Let them take their time and don’t dispute issues on the spot. Review the inspection report thoroughly afterwards and dispute any unreasonable or inaccurate claims through proper channels.

By being aware of these common end of lease cleaning mistakes and pitfalls, Adelaide renters can avoid losing their bond refund. Allow plenty of time, clean thoroughly inside and out, use professional products and services, and don’t cut corners. What might seem like a small issue or overlooked area can end up costing hundreds of dollars at handover.