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Are you planning to shift to a better location?


Since Globalization, there has been a rapid growth of industries worldwide, which has increased the job requirement and job opportunities for people. So, the need for people to travel from one location to another has increased. The immediate requirement for the shift is shelter and food.  But the shift from one place to another becomes a tedious job that requires a considerable amount of cleaning the apartment before leaving the apartment.

However, it is an exhilarating feeling to move to a different city and meet different people in a different environment. You need to Pack up the stuff, clean up the whole apartment, repair all the apartment’s property that you damage, and complete all the legal obligations to get the bond back along with the never-ending pressure of job and family.

Thus, the need for an external force increases, which will help solve all these hurdles and make the shift significantly more accessible and more relaxing. The best external force or service provider is End of Lease Clean Adelaide which is a professional cleaning service organization. It gives the best cleaning services from the expert employees. Each group member has their expertise which gives the best and quality service to get the best outcome and satisfy their customer to the maximum potential possible at a very reasonable price.

The utmost responsibility of the landlords and agents is to clean and repair the apartment like a new one so that the potential tenants decide to register for it. The landlords can hire the best End of Lease Cleaning package by determining the need of the apartment. You can hire employees with high-quality professionals to do their job within a particular period.

Process of choosing the best End of lease cleaning service provider in Adelaide:

  • You must enquire for documentation from the company, including the company’s entire details and experience works.
  • It is necessary to check the bond back guarantee of the company, which is to ensure a free service if the rendered service is not up to the mark.
  • You must go through the chart and customize your necessary chart and necessary equipment for the process.
  • Surf through the internet to have a reference check before rendering their services.
  • Have a one-to-one conversation with the service provider and clear out all the procedures’ doubts.

Various services the lease cleaning services renders:

  • Hoarder Cleaning Service Adelaide
  • Carpet, Rug and Other things repair.
  • Restoration, Conservation, and Insurance Services.
  • Bio Hazard Cleaning and Pest Control Adelaide Services.
  • Fire and smoke clearance service.

The to-do list during an end of tenancy period:

Generally, after the end of a tenancy period, the apartment’s appearance is not appropriate or up to the mark. Thus, it is essential to clean and sanitize the entire apartment by hiring a lease cleaning service by following the lease cleaning checklist.

  • It is essential to clean the inside and outside of the window, window screens, and tracks.
  • It is essential to Clearing and cleaning all the spots from the apartment.
  • Cleaning and washing the doors, wardrobes, shelve power points, switches, ceiling fans, drawers.
  • Removing all the cobwebs, internal cobwebs, Spider webs, and sweeping out all the garbage’s from the apartment.
  • Dusting and cleaning the corners of the stairs, Venetian blinds, and vacuuming the carpets.

Various packages of Lease Cleaning Adelaide:

After the end of the tenancy period, it is essential to clean the entire apartment and maintain a good balance of hygiene and cleanliness. Although various companies serve different packages for potential customers, some similar packages are found in most companies.

There are various packages available at reasonable prices like:


  • Bathroom cleaning Packages: The services include mopping the bathroom floor with bleach from inside and outside to clean it properly. It is important to properly sanitize and clean the bathtubs, shower, screening tiles, basins, taps, and exhausting fans.
  • Kitchen cleaning packages: the kitchen package includes pull off the greases and sticky oils in the oven, stove, range hood, and degrease them. It also includes wiping down the sticky substance from the bench’s top and mopping the floors. It also strives to clean the sink, taps, cupboards, and dishwashers to give the kitchen a new and captivating look.
  • Balcony cleaning packages: The sweeping and cleaning of a balcony are essential tasks because apartments should attract the outside. A clean balcony represents a clean house!
  • Laundry Package: this package includes essential cleaning services like mopping the floors and cleaning and degreasing the taps. It includes cleaning the cupboards from inside and outside.

What is Bond back cleaning?

A bond back cleaning or exit cleaning is a comprehensive and precise clean-up of the apartment and recovering the apartment before the end of the lease or tenancy period.

Benefits of Bond back cleaning:

  • Quality service: A good company can do the best to redeem the obligation for the tenants to get their bond back after fulfilling the necessary obligation with the best qualifying service available. The service providers clean the apartment from scratch and return it in a sparkling condition, and secure the bond money back.
  • Environment-friendly service: One of the primary obligations of an organization is to fulfill its obligations towards society. The best service providers are bound to use eco-friendly, organic products and green solutions to render a safe and clean apartment. This service strives to clean the apartment and protect the environment from any harmful chemicals and cleaning agents, which proves to be hazardous to the people and the environment at large.
  • Cost-effective process: there is a myth that cleaning the apartment by service providers will incur a huge loss. But the fact is that lease cleaning services are pretty economical as you get to choose your service provider, determine your budget, and get the bond money back.
  • Potential service providers: The best organizations have the capability of providing the best service providers who can manage complex cleaning projects very quickly, starting from a small apartment to the most prominent villas and properties with the same excellency.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why do we need Vacant Cleaning?

Under one of the landlord’s rules, the tenant must clean the apartment as it was the day the person came in to get the deposit back. But after a tedious packing, you won’t be able to give justice to the work. Thus, it is essential to call for end-of-lease cleaning services for a proper and standard vacant cleaning of the apartment, saving time and money and leaving a good impression on the landlord.

  • How do you clean the house at the end of a lease?

Few general tips can give a clear view of how a messy apartment can get a new and sparkling look after the end of a tenancy period.

Firstly, it is essential to keep all the cleaning suppliers on a portable holder or a bucket to speed up the procedure. Also, it is advisable to apply the cleaning stroke from left to right, top to bottom, and back to front to make the process easier.

Secondly, before applying a watery mop or cloth on the floor, you should do the dry chores like dusting and cleaning the appliances.

Lastly, it is essential to dispose of all the harmful and hazardous substances under the list of Moving House do’s and Don’ts.

  • What does an end-of-lease clean include?

The end-of-lease clean generally include a thorough disinfecting and cleaning of the apartment, starting from the bathroom, kitchens, animal cages, and equipment’s to a dusting of furniture, switchboards, ovens, and also vacuuming the carpets. The main motive behind this lease cleaning service is to provide the apartment as it was to the landlord and get the bond money back.

  • How long does an end of lease cleaning take?

The process entirely depends on the condition of the apartment. But generally speaking, a team of two professional service providers can complete the task of cleaning three bedrooms apartments within six to eight hours. If you hire an end of lease cleaning for the end of tenancy periods, you should keep one whole day for the cleaning process. It is a very time-effective process because this professional can clean an entire large apartment within a day or less than by using two or three pieces of equipment simultaneously, which safeguards the environment’s interest.


Before concluding, one must and should understand the need for hiring a lease cleaning person for maintaining safety and follow the protocol within the laws regarding the breakthrough of the Corona Virus. Thus, the need for cleanliness and hygiene is of utmost importance.

Moving to a new apartment and new environment is appealing. But it is a tenant’s responsibility to return the house to the landlord in good condition and make it easier and more welcoming for the next potential tenant. These service providers are available 24*7 and efficient in doing their tasks.

So, if you want to hire a Professional for an end of lease cleaning service, then make sure you choose the best and efficient one to do the task. You should leave the apartment in its best state because even if you leave your home, it’s still a home!

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