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Did you finally get the keys to your new apartment which means it’s time to move out of your old rental house? But moving out is not the end of the chapter of your previous rental because one thing you must ensure is if you have adequately cleaned the room. When you decide to move out of a rental room, somebody else would now be getting that space. So, it would always be better to clean out your rental adequately and avoid losing the security deposit of your rental contract.

However, if you don’t know how to carry out the cleaning process, here in this article, you will find a complete guide to help accelerate the cleaning procedure. That ensures you would face no losses with the lost items or availing of your security deposit at the end.

How Clean Does Your Rental Property Need To Be When You Move Out?


Here is a step-by-step procedure to avoid losing or getting into trouble with the homeowner.

  • Step 1- Check out your bond.

One of the first steps towards your cleaning procedure would be checking out the bond you signed when you first entered the rental. Check the items specified to be moved out of the room and the things that need replacement.

Many items like carpet and window blinds may need to be correctly washed or a complete makeover before you decides to step out of the rental home. Try to communicate with the landlord as they may specify which items they need for service and which they don’t.

  • Step 2- Referring to your landlord.

Nobody can better give you more information about the cleaning than the landlord. If you got any queries regarding the move, ask the landlord directly and clarify the situation. When you get to know their expectations regarding the cleaning procedure, you will be able to make plans accordingly.

It might be costly if you choose not to communicate with the landlord about the cleaning, and the landlord would hire someone else for the cleaning service and ask you to pay the cost entirely.

  • Step 3- Start the cleaning action.

After getting to know the items you need to clean and move out of the apartment, it would be time to get into the action. However, when it comes to cleaning, it would depend on how your landlords would want certain items to be cleaned. Like many items in your rental, some things could be more critical, and others may not. Additionally, there are some things we have mentioned for you that everybody should prioritize.

  1. Dining area – Floors, window, and closet
  2. Kitchen – cabinet tops, fridge, drawers, shelves, oven, pans.
  3. Bathroom – most of the bathroom, mirrors, below the sink, and door knobs.
  • Step 4- Selling off the extra or unwanted items.

When you are finally moving into your new home, there might be some items that you don’t need any longer or could need upgradation. It would be a big mistake to drag the old items into your new home that might have depreciated for quite a long time. So, as you would be packing in your items, choosing what to dispose of and not might be a situation for you.

However, if you don’t want to move on from the old items and have a special place for them, then you could take your time and pack everything in. Suppose you won’t make much money from the items, then donating them to the needy might be a good option. Therefore, organizing everything from the get-go could make the packing task much easier for you.

  • Step 5- Make a note of everything you have

Before you move out of the old rental space, note everything you own there. The landlord might provide limited items in your rental, which leads you to buy some extra furniture or essential things. However, moving out of that space means you need to remove the items so that they don’t cause any inconveniences to others.

But if you make a mistake and leave any furniture or other item behind in the apartment, it might be a bit of a headache for you. After some time, when the landlord comes for inspection, they will be able to identify the items you forgot. You wouldn’t imagine the landlord himself would do the left-over cleaning for you, and instead, they would hire professional cleaners or packers and mover’s services for it.

After the end, they would send the bill to your new address and ask you to pay the total cost because they are your items. It would unnecessarily increase many expenses for you and may also lead to not getting the security deposit at the end.

  • Step 6- Repair any item that you may have damaged.

While you go through the items before moving out of the apartment, you might come across two types of items. One is those items that have some wear and tear on themselves due to being overused, and another is those that would need repair. However, you understand the difference between wear and tear artefacts and actual purposeful damages. When you see that certain things are still working fine but overused, the landlords can’t charge you for those.

On the other hand, when the landlord comes across an object in the room that has suffered deliberate damage; they would be more than eligible to charge you for that. This situation might persuade the landlord to take out the money from your security disposal and cover the cost for the same. Therefore, it would be beneficial for you and the landlord to go for a joint inspection of the rental and the end for identification.


It would be best if you never forgot that once the old rental apartment was home to you, taking care of it falls under your duties. That is why, before you move out of the apartment, you should clean the apartment properly so that the landlord wouldn’t get cranky with you. Hopefully, after reading the above article, if you dont want to take hassle to clean your house, you can hire professionals to do the job for you, it will help you to save time and will give peace of mind.  you can check out this page to get your free quotation on how much does it cost to hire a professional move out cleaners