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As your rental lease in Adelaide draws to an end, one major task lies ahead – end of lease cleaning. This thorough clean before moving out is necessary to avoid lease break fees and deductions from your bond. You essentially have two options: DIY cleaning or hiring professional cleaners. Deciding between DIY versus professional end of lease cleaning in Adelaide depends on several factors. This article will outline the pros and cons of each approach, key steps for cleaning, and provide tips to help you determine the best option for your circumstances. Read on for an in-depth look at DIY lease cleaning versus utilizing professional end of lease cleaning services in Adelaide.


DIY End of Lease Cleaning in Adelaide

What to Do:

– Start early. Give yourself plenty of time – at least 2-3 days – for cleaning. Rushing will make it stressful and you may miss areas.

– Document existing damage beforehand. Take dated photos/videos of any already damaged or stained areas.

– Read your lease agreement. Note any specific cleaning requirements mentioned.

– Gather supplies. Ensure you have all the cleaning products, tools, protective gear needed.

– Clean thoroughly from top to bottom. Target all rooms, fixtures, appliances, windows, carpets, walls etc.

– Pay attention to commonly missed areas. Baseboards, ceilings, walls, window tracks and other corners often get overlooked.

– Replace any Globes that have blown. Check inside all cupboards and storage areas. Landlords may inspect thoroughly.

What Not to Do:

– Leave cleaning to the last day. This often leads to a rushed, incomplete job.

– Attempt to repair or paint anything yourself. That should be left to professionals or approved by your landlord.

– Clean only the visible areas. Make sure to clean behind, underneath and inside all fixtures.

– Forget security. Ensure all windows and doors are locked after cleaning.

Pros of DIY End of Lease Cleaning:

– More affordable than professional services

– Can clean on your own schedule

– Greater control over the cleaning process

Cons of DIY End of Lease Cleaning:

– Very time consuming and labour intensive

– Easy to miss areas rental agents will check

– You are responsible for any cleaning deficiencies

– Still may need to arrange professional carpet/pest control

Professional End of Lease Cleaning in Adelaide

What to Do:

– Book at least 2 weeks in advance. Reputable cleaners can get booked up.

– Point out any pre-existing or particularly dirty areas. This helps set expectations.

– Ask what supplies they provide vs what you should have on hand. Avoid doubling up.

– If renting appliances, remind cleaners not to touch/clean them.

– On cleaning day, open all cupboards and drawers to allow access.

– For carpet cleaning, consider steam cleaning for thorough results.

– Request an invoice detailing the services provided for your records.

What Not to Do:

– Wait until the last minute. Professional cleaners need notice to schedule staff.

– Take the cheapest quote. Vet cleaners thoroughly based on reviews and reputation.

– Leave valuables lying around on cleaning day. Request a schedule time so you can clear personal items.

– Assume cleaners will bring all supplies and equipment needed. Clarify what they provide.

– Hover excessively on cleaning day. Allow cleaners space to work efficiently.

Pros of Professional End of Lease Cleaning:

– Thorough, quality cleaning from experienced professionals

– Saves an enormous amount of your personal time and effort

– Reduced risk of losing any of your bond due to cleaning issues

– Often uses industrial techniques and equipment inaccessible to renters

– Peace of mind that high landlord standards will be met

Cons of Professional End of Lease Cleaning:

– Little expensive than DIY cleaning

– Busy Schedule, so need to book earlier.

Which is Best for You? Further Tips and Considerations

– Assess your requirement. Factor in value of time saved using professionals.

– Gauge your cleaning skills honestly. Professionals can tackle more challenging cleaning tasks.

– For deep carpet cleaning, professional equipment is superior to DIY methods.

– Those with busier schedules or physical limitations may opt to outsource cleaning.

– Cleaners familiar with Adelaide rental standards can satisfy landlord expectations.

– Discuss timeline – some cleaners can work quick, others may take 2-3 visits.

– For DIY, inspect early so you can re-clean any missed areas before handing over keys.


Making the decision between DIY end of lease cleaning versus professional services in Adelaide depends on your time availability, budget, cleaning skills and standards expected by your landlord. If cost is your primary concern, with ample time to spare, a DIY clean may suffice. For those short on time or wanting to ensure their full bond back, professional cleaners can be worth the price. Assess your specific circumstances and weigh the pros and cons. If hiring cleaners, do your due diligence to find a reputable provider up to the task. With some foresight and preparation, either cleaning approach can lead to a smooth handover process.