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Moving out of the property hold many sentiments; whether it is a vacate property or your own property. Leaving home means, packing bags of memories you have created at the place. And, when it’s about leaving a vacate apartment, many other things need sharp attention. It starts from transport the belongings to End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide and returning the keys safely to the landlord.

What about the bond amount that you have paid while signing an agreement?

A right & straight-forward approach! No one could afford to lose the bond amount but there come certain criteria to get the whole amount back. You may have noticed the checklist while signing the agreement letter. The need of getting the bond money back, give rise to seek professional Exit cleaning Adelaide services.

Not for money only, it is all about your credibility and relationship with your landlord who has given you space & place to create memories. Although, cleaning can be handled at your own then why am I sharing a guide to seek professional services?!!! – the answer to the question, are you able to clean each & every corner in-depth? Can you give guarantee of bond amount?

end of lease cleaning Adelaide

“Experts are expert for a reason!”

Will Hiring Vacate Cleaning Adelaide Company Work?

If you aren’t getting the sensitivity of the cleaning services then let me aware you. Once your landlord found a single issue (it could be insect infestation, broken or damaged gutter, or tidy rooms), they will directly cut a certain amount from the money. And think of the family that are going to live at the same place after you. Do you think, how will your laid-back attitude impact on your landlord? They will lose trust in you & won’t help you in the future.

Bond money is nothing but a security deposit that you have already paid while entering into the property. As a tenant, if you fail to follow the agreement then the landlord or real estate agents have all the rights to claim the bond amount.

In which cases, real estate agent or landlord can claim the bond?

  • If they found heavy damage to the goods or furniture (rather than wear & tear)
  • If you haven’t paid any charges (electricity, gas or gutter line bills, or any other)
  • If you get fail in keeping the property clean & neat

Also, there are other many reasons which include, your behavior with the landlord and neighbors. They will also check your terms with the landlord, have you ever been rude to the landlord? It can affect the relation and bond money.

Would You Need More Assistance?

Whether you go for a DIY approach or hiring an End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide company, make sure you won’t lose the bond money in the process of moving out. I have done my work of sharing an article, now it’s your turn to make these work! Stay cool & calm!